You may have heard already that the information architecture conference — IAC — will now be produced by the IA Institute. We at the IA Foundation couldn’t be happier.

One day we’ll write a book (or two) about the conference saga that we’ve been on over the last couple of years, but for now we’ll just say this: When we formed the IA Foundation, all we wanted was for our beloved IA conference to continue, and for the community that produced it to reap the full rewards of the effort they put into creating it. We reached out to the IA Institute when we had the first inkling that changes were afoot for the IA Summit. Although the timing wasn’t right for the Institute to take over the conference last year, it is the right time now, and it’s what we had hoped for from the beginning. The IAC has now truly found its proper home.

There are a few people who we need to thank. First of all, the chairs of IAC19 — Bibi, Adam, and Amy — have been incredible from the moment we first met with them in Chicago and laid out the plan for the coming year. They have been supportive, professional, and graceful in embracing change this year. They’re going to produce an awesome conference.

Vanessa Foss is the unsung hero of IAC19. There would be no conference next year without her, full stop. She is truly passionate about and committed to the information architecture community, and she’s willing to put her money where her mouth is to ensure that our profession has a place to meet and exchange ideas. Thanks, Vanessa, for your gentle nudges and not-so-gentle whacks upside the head when we needed them.

Finally, we’d like to thank the board of the IA Institute for taking on the responsibility of caring for this great community event. We at the IAF well know both the challenges and rewards of being conference producers. We’d wish you luck, but we know you have the talent and determination to make your own luck.

What’s next for the IAF? Well, our work here is done, really. We’ll be shutting down the organization over the next month and a half, and throwing our support behind the IAI. And we’re making our plans to enjoy IAC19 with all of you in Orlando next March.

Until then, be well, do good work, and be good to each other.

Stuart Maxwell
Coco Chalfant
Nate Davis