The Information Architecture Foundation (IAF) was founded to preserve and nurture the IAC conference.

Background of the IA Foundation

The first conference of the information architecture community – the IA Summit –  took place in 2000 as a gathering of practitioners and academics who were interested in how the field of library and information science could help solve the growing challenges associated with human-computer interaction—particularly in the case of information retrieval and interaction in growing information environments. 

Thanks to the efforts of numerous volunteers over many years, and with major financial sponsorship by ASIS&T, the IA Summit became the preeminent conference for practitioners and academics who confront the systemic challenge of creating and managing digital user interfaces and rich information environments. The conference typically includes two days of workshops and a three-day main program that attracts the industry’s leading thinkers in information architecture, user experience, and content strategy.

To formally represent the efforts of future appointed conference chairs and hundreds of volunteers, the sitting 2018 IA Summit co-chairs established the Information Architecture Foundation (IAF).

In 2018, the IAF and the community of volunteers secured a new financial sponsor and conference name. They now gather at the IAC to continue their traditions of learning and community.